Overcome SITE Access and Soil Structure Obstacles with Helical Pilings

The Valley Piling Final Quote Guarantee
promises an accurate final quote and helical pile depth or we’ll cover the extra cost.***
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The Valley Piling Final Quote Guarantee promises an accurate final quote and helical pile depth or we’ll cover the extra cost.***

Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Foundations

10 Good Reasons To Choose

Helical Piles For Your Construction Project


Speed of Installation

Helical piles can be installed quickly, whereas concrete requires time to pour and cure before it’s ready to bear loads.



In many situations, the total cost of using helical piles can be lower than concrete foundations, especially when considering the speed of installation and reduced site preparation.


Less Site Disturbance

Installation is less invasive, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding soil and landscaping.


Immediately Load Bearing

Once helical piles are installed, they can immediately bear loads, unlike concrete, which requires a curing period.



Can be installed in a wide variety of soil conditions and in tight or limited-access areas where concrete is unstable and impractical.



Minimal excavation is required, resulting in less soil displacement and waste material.

This can be especially important in sensitive environments or areas where sustainability is a concern.


Adaptable in High Water Table Areas

Helical piles can be effectively installed in areas with high water tables, whereas concrete can be problematic in such conditions.


Removable and Reusable

Helical piles can be removed and reused if needed, offering flexibility that concrete does not.


Predictable Performance

The torque applied to install helical piles can be closely monitored, allowing for accurate prediction of the pile’s load-bearing capacity.


Less Weather Dependant

Helical pile installation is less affected by weather conditions.

Concrete pouring can be problematic in very cold or wet conditions.

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The Problem with Some Foundation Projects

Construction sites face numerous challenges, such as unique soil conditions, limited access, environmental concerns, time and cost constraints, as well as load variation requirements.

The Valley Piling Solution

Our innovative helical piling solutions address these challenges head-on, providing a versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional foundation methods.

Our specialized equipment can accurately determine stability and help ensure project success over the long term.


Of Using Helical Piles

Improved Project Outcomes

By addressing the unique challenges of each project, our helical piling solutions help ensure successful and timely project completion.

Cost Savings

Our efficient installation process and reduced need for excavation help lower overall project costs.

Limited Excavation & Green Footprint

Our low-impact helical pile system minimizes the environmental stresses put on construction projects.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Our helical piles provide a stable and secure foundation system, reducing the risk of differential settlement and long-term structural issues.

Easy Access in Confined Areas

Regardless of constricted spaces or uneven, sloping grounds, our specialized equipment ensures the successful setup of a helical pile foundation.

Perfect For Challenging Soil Conditions

The longevity of a build relies on a foundation that can handle the stresses of unique soil profiles. Our helical piles are driven into bedrock - no matter how deep - to ensure absolute stability for decades to come.

Contact us today to discuss your project, and discover how our helical piling solutions can help you achieve a robust, stable, and sustainable foundation.