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Helical Piling Installation Valley Piling BC Vancouver Victoria Whistler
Helical Piles
Traditional Foundations
Installation Speed
Rapid installation – piles are often installed in a single day.
Longer site prep, install, & curing time required. Often several days or more.
Site Impact
Limited excavation needed, preserving natural terrain.
Larger excavation typically required, altering natural landscape.
Eco-Friendly Impact
Minimal soil disruption with less waste and reduced carbon footprint.
More excavation, leading to greater soil disturbance and potential waste.
Load Capacity
Piles are immediately load-bearing upon installation.
Requires curing time before becoming load-bearing.
Adaptable to various soil conditions and terrains.
Dependent on site conditions, may require extra treatments.
Can be installed to various depths to reach load-bearing strata.
Depth is often limited by excavation challenges.
Weather Constraints
Can be installed in various weather conditions, including cold and wet climates.
Wet or cold weather can delay installation and curing.
Environmental Concerns
Uses fewer materials and produces less waste.
Production of concrete contributes to CO2 emissions; waste from overages.
Site Accessibility
Ideal for tight spaces or remote locations without major equipment.
Requires significant access for equipment and material delivery.
Longevity and Maintenance
Corrosion-resistant, durable with minimal maintenance needs.
Susceptible to cracks and degradation, might require repairs.